Popcorn Sales

Thank you for participating in the 2017 Popcorn Sale!

Contact Information


Show & Sell

Sign up here to sell at Walmart, Fareway, Casey’s, and Bomgaars!

Rules and Requirements

  1. All Scouts must wear their Class A uniform.
  2. Scouts should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  3. All Show & Sell sales for a day will be totaled and divided evenly across all Scouts that have signed up for that day.
  4. Please sign up each Scout for no more than 2 spots initially to allow all Scouts the opportunity to participate. Based on participation, we may increase this limit and notify you of this change through Scoutbook.

Take Orders (Door to Door Sales)

Rules, Requirements, and Tips

  1. All Scouts must wear their Class A uniform.
  2. Scouts should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  3. Remember your order form, a working pen, and have some way to collect money. Make sure your name and unit info is completed at the top of the order form.
  4. Mention that 70% of all sales goes directly back to local Scouting.
  5. Collect the money at the time of sale whenever possible. After payment is received, mark the item as paid on your order form.
  6. Checks are made out to “Grimes Pack 171”.
  7. Encourage a donation if they are not interested in buying popcorn.
  8. Not everyone will buy popcorn from you, but don’t be discouraged. Be sure to tell everyone “thank you”, regardless of their response.


2014 Popcorn Sale

New theme for 2014: Zombie Ah-Pop-A-Lips

2014 Popcorn Rally Presentation

  => Sign up sheet for Show and Sell

Why is the Popcorn Sale important?

  1. This is Pack 171’s only fundraiser and source of revenue.
  2. Over 70% of the sales goes directly back into Scouting.

What do we use the money for?

  1. It provides rank awards for free to the Pack 171 families. This includes patches, belt loops, pins, etc.
  2. It helps fund event awards like the Space Derby and Pinewood Derby.
  3. It helps buy food and equipment for the different Pack events such as the Carnival, Cross-Over Campout, and the Blue & Gold Ceremony.
  4. It allows Pack 171 to supply the Pinewood Derby kits to the Scouts free of charge.
  5. It is used to purchase other Pack equipment and Den supplies.



Pack 171 2014 Sales Goal


Key Dates

  • Friday, September 26 – Popcorn Sale Starts
  • September 26 thru October 5 – Blitz Week
  • Sunday, October 26 – Popcorn Sale Ends
    • Orders and money are due by 12pm
  • Sunday, November 9 – Popcorn pickup
  • Wednesday, December 3 – All money is due, no exceptions

Remember: Orders and money will be turned into your Den Leaders.

Ways to Sell

  1. Show and Sell (Fareway and WalMart)
  2. Take Orders (door to door)
  3. Online Sales

The Popcorn Sale starts Friday, September 26. Only the online orders will be accepted before this date.


Show and Sell

Use the sign up sheet to reserve your spot!

  1. Grimes – Fareway
    • Fridays (9/26 and 10/3) from 5-8pm
    • Saturdays (9/27 and 10/4) from 10am-6pm
  2. Grimes – Walmart
    • Fridays (9/26, 10/3, and 10/10) from 5-8pm
    • Saturdays (9/27, 10/4, and 10/11) from 10am-6pm
    • Sundays (9/28, 10/5, and 10/12) from 11am-5pm

All weather cancellations will be communicated 2 hours before via email to the Pack and/or Pack website

Show and Sell – Rules and Requirements

  1. All Scouts must wear their Class A uniforms
  2. Scouts need an accompanying adult
  3. Sign up for 2014 will be online at http://grimesbsa.com/resources/popcorn-sales/popcorn-sales-sign-up/
  4. All sales for a day will be added together and divided evenly across all Scouts and hours for the day
  5. Hours will be limited this year.
    • Initial sign up will limit Scouts to 2 hours per day at each location
    • Wednesday at 5pm before the weekend, time slots will be opened up to first come first serve.


Take Order

Top methods for high sales average and totals for Scouts!

  1. All Scouts should wear their Class A uniforms
  2. Scouts need to be supervised by an adult
  3. Collect the money at time of sale is HIGHLY recommended
  4. Each item is a line item on your sales sheet
  5. Provide the delivery date to your customer
  6. Sales Tips
    1. Include a “Thank You” note with the delivery
    2. Mention that 70% of all sales goes directly back to Local Scouting
  7. Blitz Week Prizes!


Selling Online

Sell popcorn year round and receive credit for sales with NO delivery or collection hassles!


  1. Allows the Scout to communicate via email
  2. There is no delivery needed. The items will be shipped to the customers
  3. The Scouts will get Online sales commissions


2014 Product Line

  • Chocolate Lovers Box ($55)
  • Military Donation ($50)
  • Cheese Lovers Box ($30)
  • Military Donation ($30)
  • Dark Chocolaty Caramel Crunch ($25)
  • NEW – Buffalo Cheddar in a Cyclone tin ($25)
  • NEW – Buffalo Cheddar in a Hawkeye tin ($25)
  • Microwavable Kettle Corn ($22)
  • Microwavable 18-pk Unbelievable Butter ($20)
  • Microwavable 18-pk Butter Light ($20)
  • Caramel with Almonds, Cashews, and Pecans ($20)
  • Dark and White Chocolaty Drizzle ($20)
  • NEW – White Cheddar Cheese Corn ($15)
  • Classic Caramel Corn ($10)
  • Popping Corn ($10)



  1. Zombie Ah-Pop-A-Lips Patch
  2. New prize levels (up to $20k) – See order form
  3. Blitz Week (September 26 to October 5)
    • Every full form sheet is a $10 gift card to the Scout Shop
  4. Commemorative Military Patch for $100 in Military donations
  5. $1,250 in sales will include an invite to the Scout Extravaganza and Iowa Wild Event
  6. Sales over $2,500 will earn a Trails-End Scholarship
  7. Pack sales over $21,036.79 will earn 5% off all Council and District activities
  8. Pack prizes for rank top sellers